The Last Battle Rifle, The M14

As we all know Veterans Day was yesterday, all of us at O2Guns would like to say thank you to all the brave men and women that have served or are currently serving in the US Military.   Their dedication to the service of their Country is truly remarkable.

We have decided to honor one of the most famous rifles used by the US military, the M14.  The M14 is considered to be the last “battle rifle” of the US Military, it was introduced in 1957 and is amazingly still used to this day.

In honor of this rifle we have added the M14 Scout airsoft gun by CyberGun.  The scout model of the M14 is a more compacted version designed specifically for close quarters battle (CQB).  This airsoft gun includes a metal hi-capacity magazine and is also compatible with other major brands of magazines. This gun is a must buy for those looking for a well priced starter gun.

It may not be the real M14 but it sure has the same tactical look, and you wont be disapointed with this airsoft guns performance.  The M14 Scout by CyberGun is now on sale at for $174.99!!

Shooting for Safety

It is absolutely crucial that every shooter be taught gun safety, whether they are shooting an airsoft gun or a firearm.   Bottom line is that all guns are dangerous if they are not used properly, however with a little education we can all avoid the dangers that come along with shooting.

Now I know most people don’t jump out of their seats when they hear the word education, most of us connect that with sitting in a dimly lit room studying material that is dry as dust.  We feel that the best approach to learning gun safety is to go out and shoot! Of course you should reinforce that by reading safety materials like this one we put together, O2Guns Safety Guide.   But you really can’t beat the experience of going out shooting with experience shooters.  If the shooters are truly experience then their gun safety at that point will come naturally, and with a little guidance they can share that knowledge with you.

For all of you with youngsters I suggest you get an airgun in their hands at a young age, with extreme supervision of course.  I have many great memories plinking in the back yard with my dad and brothers, little did I know at the time that he was really teaching us the proper way to handle any kind of gun.  By the time I was old enough to handle guns on my own it all came naturally.

Im sure some of you are thinking that anyone with half a brain can pick up a gun and know how to safely handle it.  Please don’t make that assumption, educate yourself and those around you and you will have years of safe and enjoyable shooting.  Here are some great airguns for beginners and also a few great safely products we offer at O2Guns.

Walther CP99 Compact & Laser with Blowback

Not only is this a great airgun for all ages, but if your looking for a realistic airgun to help for handgun training this is as real as it gets.

Crosman 760 Kit

The Crosman 760 is a classic pump air rifle, great for back yard plinking for all ages.  This kit comes with everything you need to be ready to shoot, even safety glasses! On sale now for just $55.99.

Remington True Jr & T-10 Combo Pack, Earmuffs & Glasses, Kid Size

Quality earmuffs and safety glasses for the youngsters.

UTG Special Ops Computer Bag

If you are looking for a bag that can handle just about anything, The UTG Special Ops Computer Bag is the bag for you. This bag as been exposed to everything from the harsh tactical environment, to the “fragile” care of airline baggage handlers and it has passed with flying colors. Whether you are looking to fill your bag with tactical field gear or work papers and your lab top, this bag really is perfect for all environments. This bag has enough storage for up to a two night trip! Every inch of the bag is padded and with the lab top sleeve located deep within the bag, your computer will be completely safe while you travel. Come check out this bag and all the others we offer at

Airsoft goes Eco-Friendly……

We would all like to make our lifestyles a little more environmentally friendly, well for all of you Airsoft enthusiasts out there we have the solution for you.  Air Venturi CQBBs 6mm biodegradable airsoft BBs, no longer will you stress about littering the world with thousands of airsoft BB’s every time you go shoot.  You don’t have to worry about these BB’s breaking down before you can shoot them, it takes approximately 11 months for these BBs to decompose once exposed to the elements (rain, snow, etc.).  You wont see any lose in performance either, which makes them perfect for choice for every airsoft shooter.

The Plano Shooters Case

The Plano Shooters Case

This case is a must for every shooter! With two lift out trays this case has more then enough room to store all of you shooting supplies.  If you’re anything like me, laying your gun down on a table or the ground is the last thing you want to do.  This case also comes with a yoke system to rest your gun on, no more anxiety about laying your shinny air rifle on the ground.  Pick one of these up at today, throw all of you shooting supplies in it and you will never again have to spend time gather your supplies for a shoot.  The Plano Shooters Case is now on sale at for the low price of $20.99.

The Condor is about the coolest looking airgun on the market today, and with it being light weight, affordable, and extremely accurate it sure makes for a great gun.   Check out the Airforce Condor and its many accessories at
Click here to read more about the Airforce Condor!!

The Condor is about the coolest looking airgun on the market today, and with it being light weight, affordable, and extremely accurate it sure makes for a great gun.   Check out the Airforce Condor and its many accessories at

Click here to read more about the Airforce Condor!!

Safety is Everything

Safety truly is everything whenever you are handling airguns, it needs to be in your mind at all times.  At O2Guns we spend time every month doing a safety refresher course.  Sure some of the guys find it very tedious, but you better believe everytime they pick up a airgun they are folloing our safety guidelines with out even thinking.  Take some time to read the acticle we put together on airgun safety….O2Guns Shooting Safety Guide….

Pellets 101 – A Guide to Choosing the Right Pellet.

Pellets 101 – A Guide to Choosing the Right Pellet. Choosing the right pellet can be a daunting task, we have put together an article that will give you the knowledge you need to choose the pellet that will work best for you.

Safety is Paramount……

Safety is paramount whether you are dealing with air guns or firearms. Here are a few safty tips from the team at O2Guns. Before handling you air gun read your owner’s manual very carefully to insure you fully understand your air gun. We at O2Guns live by a set of safety rules that can easily be remember by 4 words, Treat Never Keep Keep. This should be restated and on your mind each time you handle your air gun. Along with these rules, ear and I protection should always be wore when shooting your air gun. We also recommend that any person under the age of 16 should not handle an air gun unsupervised. • Treat every air gun as if it were loaded. Every time you handle your air gun you should handle it as if it was ready to fire. • Never point your air gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, this applies whether your air gun is loaded or not. Once you are prepared to shoot and you have set up a safe area to shoot, be sure that your target does not conceal a person, animal, or object that could be harmed by the pellets. Do not shoot at a target that may allow ricochets or deflections. Also do not shoot at water. • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger in till you are prepared to fire your air gun. One of the worst habits people have when handling air guns, is they tend to put the finder on the trigger every time they pick up their air gun. Which is one of the main reasons for miss fires occur, miss fires are extremely dangerous for both bystanders and shooters. • Keep your air gun on safe in till you intend to fire. Any time you handle your air gun and do not have the intent to fire you should keep the safety engaged, even if the air gun is not loaded. Here are some addition safety rules to keep in mind: • Never use drugs or alcohol while handling air guns. • Never reuse pellets. • Your air guns and pellets/bb’s should be stored in separate areas preferably under lock and key. • Each and every time you pick up and put down you air gun, always make absolutely sure that there are no pellets/ bb’ in the chamber. • Do not load the air gun until you are ready to fire. Once the air gun is loaded you should not walk, run, or jump. A loaded air gun should never be carried inside a vehicle. • Do not tamper with or modify any part of your air gun. If a malfunction should occur, consult a professional gunsmith. Do not attempt to repair the internal mechanism of your air gun, since special tools are needed and this could be dangerous. • Never leave the shooting range or hunting area until you are absolutely confident that your gun is completely unloaded. And always perform one last check: Cock the gun and fire it in a safe direction. • ALWAYS KEEP THE AIR GUN AND/OR PELLETS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN If you follow all of the rules while handling your air gun, your air gun experience will be extremely enjoyable and most important it will be a safe experience. We at O2Guns would like to thank you for reading our safety guidelines, now go out and enjoy your air gun!! Gun safety Organizations: